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Growth Architect for your team

Many organizations are facing the same problem. They have their strategy in order, teams are running “okay” and sales are coming in. But a new impulse does not seem to be found. They linger, and innovation stays out. In order to create a new impulse, organizations often misinterpret new things. Many companies now use different tools indiscriminately to realize innovation and growth. But using this method, companies are not giving themselves enough credit. No attention is paid to the long-term vision and goals and it lacks the goal of qualitative growth. Growth architects are needed.

On to real growth.

If an organization really wants to be healthy and wants to achieve real growth, a change in behavior often has to take place among teams and organizations have to embrace other methods.

Our Growth Architects combine elements from the Lean Startup method, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking and Agile/ Scrum. We do not only look at your marketing objectives but also at the roots of your organization. This way, the strategic objectives and challenges of your organization will also be taken into account. Whereas Growth Hacking only focuses on the funnel, Growth Architecture also looks at the factors above it, such as culture, process, and strategy. Through this approach, you build a sustainable foundation for your organization.

This base not only contributes to quick sales but also to long-term and sustainable growth. By implementing Growth Architecture you do not only change a process, but you change the mindset, skillset, and vision of the entire team. Your organization will become future proof and departments learn to use processes that not only contribute to the marketing and sales objectives, but also to the long-term objectives.

The organization experiences a sustainable transformation and becomes adaptable online. This way, your team is not only in control of today’s challenges but also of tomorrow’s.

Implementing Growth Architecture.

Every Growth Architecture project we start with an extensive baseline measurement. Where do you stand as an organization, who is your customer and what is your value proposition? After that, we look into the structure of various processes. We look at what data is available and the strategies you are using. If the base is transparent and the question clear, we can put together an action plan with clear objectives and we can start!

We design a customized Growth plan for every client and every issue. In order to be able to apply Growth Architecture as well as possible, we always start tackling the so-called low hanging fruits. These are quick wins for the organization. Easy to solve ‘mistakes’. We start the Growth Architecture process with onboarding the entire team. An introduction to Growth Hacking is given so that everyone knows what we are going to do and what to expect. In the process, we work closely with the team and guide the project as a director. We ensure that the right steps are taken, and the right specialists are sitting in the right place. By doing rapid-focused experiments, we collect valuable data.

We convert this data into insights for improving your product or service. Through a weekly process, the team learns new habits and skills and after a few months of collaboration, we are no longer needed. The team is then able to carry out the growth process independently.

What does it yield?

  1. Deeper insights into target groups and interactions with the product.
  2. The right structures for developing business knowledge.
  3. Training of team members (Data analysis and marketing).
  4. Discovering and testing new marketing channels.
  5. Clear objectives at the team and individual level.
  6. The creativity of team members is stimulated.
  7. An ongoing growth process within the team.
  8. A fully measurable online customer path.
  9. Better ROI on marketing results.
  10. A “Future Proof” organization.
A Growth Architect for your team?

When you work with us, we start a partnership for structural change. We think it is important that we work together during a period of at least 3 months to add value as effectively as possible.

“The approach is very appealing. Strong knowledge and clear explanation.
I became enthusiastic about the inspiration, the knowledge of the process and the transfer of the tools.
And it’s nice that you do not have a 9-5 mentality. Keep it up”


Willem Meints, AI Specialist & Technical Evangelist at Infosupport

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