High speed validation:

Validate new growth opportunities and ideas for your organization within a week. We build a tailor-made strategy together with your marketing team.


The Google Sprint Design is an ideal method if you want to validate a new product or service. You can quickly see where you stand. At BAMMBOO we also believe in this method but we think that the sprint should be slightly stretched. This way you get a good view of the situation and the possibilities.

Design Growth Sprint Proces

For this reason we like to combine our Growth Architecture with the classic Google Sprint Design. At the start of each sprint we do not only look at the environmental factors of the validated ideas or opportunities, but we also look at the environmental factors of the entire organization itself. By doing this, opportunities that previously remained unnoticed are made visible. 

Before we start the actual Growth Sprint, we make an analysis of the current situation. We clarify options and sharpen the objective for the service or product to be validated. As soon as we have a clear overview, the team is formed. We do this by combining our specialist, your people and external knowledge when necessary.

Sprint together?

“Growth hacking helped us to execute small and quick cross-channel experiments in order to prove a business hypothesis with the objective to drive traffic to It also helped us to see how we as Philips could make our business more agile. The results of the sprint inspired the organisation to have more focus on thematic content.”


Andu Szekrenyesi – Global head of B2C


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