About Us

Our team is characterized as a warm, driven and specialized team where different personalities complement each other nicely. We love the latest developments and trends in our field, but we also know better than anyone what’s going on in the world. And to stay sharp, we often dance in the afternoon 😉

Tackling a project with us means entering into an energetic collaboration that results in achieving your goals! Goals that you had in mind, but also goals that you didn’t even know that they could be realized. We like to look further!

And cooperating with us really means ‘working together’. We at BAMMBOO believe that we can achieve the most beautiful things when we are fully committed, we understand each other, we sincerely think along, look beyond the assignment, we can surprise and inspire you. Due to our way of working we are always close, we will be a steady factor in the process, we make it fun, understandable and tangible.

Olivier Karg

Co-Founder | Lead Growth Architect

Olivier is a real heavyweight when it comes to knowledge regarding Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation and related themes. Olivier is happy to share his knowledge, by providing educational training courses or workshops. In addition, he has helped many organizations growing through his hands-on approach and innovative insights.

Skills: Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation, SEO, Blockchain, A.I.
Personal Traits: Sharp, to-the-point, Critical, Honest, Helpful, Cordial.

Thierry De Vries

Co - Founder | Business Development

Thierry rules the market mechanism and knows how to respond to it. He feels where opportunities are and how Bammboo can really lift your organization to a higher level. He thinks creatively and strategically together with the organization and designs a customized collaboration in his role of account manager.

Skills: Business Development, Sales, Creation, Strategy, Storytelling.
Personal Traits: Energetic, Warm, Solution-oriented, Accessible.

Bart de Lege

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Bart is the creative and strategic strength of Bammboo. Because of his background as an architect, he knows how to bring elements together in a clever way. He has his own view of things and supports the team with his strategic advice and graphic/design skills.

Skills: Creation, DesignThinking, Strategy, BusinessModeling, Lean Startup.
Personal Traits: Critical, Open, Warm, Sharp, Concerned.

Dionee Gouvernante

Growth Architect | Head of Marketing

Dionee's expertise lies in Brand Communication and Positioning. With her expertise, she gives substance to the various experiments and is also responsible for monitoring the entire process. Besides working on a variety of projects, she is also responsible for the entire marketing of Bammboo. She is critical, precise and has a keen eye for detail.

Skills: Brand Communication, Storytelling, Behavioral psychology, Content, Strategy, Analysis.
Personal Traits: Careful, Critical, Concerned, Honest.

Maarten Smulders


Maarten provides Bammboo with strategic, financial advice and support. Like no other, he believes in the power of Bammboo and always thinks how Bammboo can profile itself even better. Moreover, Maarten brings a lot of positive energy and inspiration. A valuable member of the team.

Skills: Analytical, Trendwatcher, Finance
Personal traits: Positive, Sincere, Honest, Sharp, Energetic, Joker.


Medior / Senior Growth hacker

What is your definition of growth hacking? We would like to know! We are looking for colleagues that we can learn from. Master in the field of SEO, builder of the best converting ads or the born consultant! Are you looking for a fast growing and beautiful company where you can develop as a Growth Hacker, Designer or Analyst, where a job description is not strictly adhered to you? Then you belong to Bammboo!

Sounds good? Then we would like to drink a cup of coffee with you. Send an email with a motivation letter and CV to P.S.: we are happy to be surprised by you!

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